The Natural State

The Natural State is a neutral state when reflecting upon the timeline of history. There is no legitimacy to the Imperial power dictators to claim the land on the basis that they have a stronger military force, or that there are more numerous than the indigenous peoples which they intend to exploit. The Spirit of the Natural Law justice does not make such provisions for the inequality, and exploitation of minorities on the basis that their military force is weaker of people lesser in numbers.

The only exceptions found are in the books of the Bible, the Old Testament Scriptures. E.g., when God called Moses to deliver the people of Israel out of Egypt. It was Gods call to Israel, followed by 40 years of trials and failure in the desert; then the new generation arose and made it to the Promised Land led by Joshua and Caleb.

Humanists may object to the violence that is recorded in the books of the Old Testament. On the face of it, there is violence. Others make the point that it was God that commanded Moses and Joshua to clear the land of the gross idolatry.

How can we know it was really God giving the commands? The proof is in the miracles and signs. Only God’s will could produce such miracles and signs. That was also the test for the prophets in the Old Testament. If a prophet spoke claiming that the message was from God, and if the message did not come true, then that prophet was to be stoned to death. Deuteronomy 13: (The false prophet). There was zero tolerance in the Old Testament for the deceiver of God’s people.

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