League Of Nations Expulsion Of The USSR

League Of Nations Expulsion Of The USSR

From The Nemesis Book, author Victor Leinonen.

DECEMBER 14, 1939

December 1, 2008, by historical resources
“The Winter War (Finnish: Talvisota, Russian: Советско-финляндская война – Swedish: Vinterkriget) began when the Soviet Union ruled by dictator Josef Stalin attacked Finland on November 30, 1939, three months after the invasion of Poland by Germany that started World War II. Because the attack was judged as illegal, the Soviet Union was expelled from the League of Nations on December 14.”
(Winter-War, 1939)

“The Council,
Having taken cognizance of the resolution adopted by the Assembly on December 14, 1939, regarding the appeal of the Finnish Government,
1. Associates itself with the condemnation by the Assembly of the action of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics against the Finnish State, and
2. For the reasons set forth in the resolution of the Assembly, in virtue of Article 16, paragraph 4, of the Covenant, finds that, by its act, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics has placed itself outside the League of Nations. It follows that the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics is no longer a Member of the League.” (Historical-Resource, 1939)


“There were many war crime charges against Stalin from 1939,1940. War against peace, and genocide against Polish National in 1940.
Yet, the Allied forces were supplying Stalin with military hardware, planes, trucks and jeeps and hundreds of tons of food and clothing supplies. The allied forces did it all for a war criminal; they supported a war criminal while the war criminal was once again waging aggressive war against Finland in 1944.
The Allied forces were self-serving in their imperial short-sighted bigotry. It took several years before the Allied forces woke up to the spiritual reality of the Bolsheviks USSR leadership corruption. ”

“They did not believe the facts what the Nordic and the Baltic States shared with the Americans about the reality of the Bolsheviks USSR spirit of anarchy, 1900 – 1941 history.
The cold facts of rebellion, lawlessness, disrespect for the Spirit of the Natural law.
Rebellion, aggression, and anarchy were written all over the wall of truth during 1900-1953. The Nemesis true to its evil nature creating deceit, chaos, and destruction, soon started biting the hand that had been feeding it, during the cold war.”

“First, it was the Russian Tsar, and the Romanov family that became the victim of the Russian Bolsheviks rebellion and anarchy, it was a war against the rule of law. The same spirit of the Nemesis with the spirit of rebellion, anarchy, and lawlessness was behind building the iron curtain, and the Berlin wall at the beginning of the cold war.”

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