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“The early pioneer’s many thousands of years ago traveled northwards exploring the unknown, uninhabited Nordic north-land. At the same time, nomadic peoples were living along the waters of the Arctic Sea, on the shores of the Barents and the Norwegian Sea. The indigenous people tribes East and West of Siberia, thousands of years ago, have left cave paintings in Norway, that the modern day scientific dating methods translate the cave painting to be some 8000 years old. The world of the indigenous peoples is very different to the Imperial States colonization. A very long slow history of humanity has been lived out before the industrial revolution, which made way to new concepts to enlighten the human conscience, and how people see themselves and the world that they live in.”

“The state of nature existed for the early inhabitants of the land between the Gulf of Finland and the Bothnian Sea, and along the shore of the Lake Ladoga, freshwater lakes, moss bogs, creeks, and rivers all the way north to the White Sea. Some individual people were more or less in tune with their natural inner rationally thinking spiritual being, living amongst the precious resources of the natural environment and the starlit night skies.”

“We cannot even begin to imagine the interactions that a human spirit—the mind and soul— go through when its life is entirely dependent on the provisions that the natural environment provides. People that lived their lives surrounded by the natural living environment, interacting with the life that was so rich everywhere during the spring, summer and autumn season that is what shaped their spirits and personalities.”

“God-given natural life demonstrated through the natural environment; they were the recipients of that life, and they knew it. It was also hard word at times; shelters had to build for health reasons and protection. Food had to be gathered, fished, and hunted for provision. Wild berries had to forage for nutrition, and water manually carried for household needs.”

From the Nemesis Book.