THE NEMESIS Book by Victor Leinonen discusses the nature of the fight for the survival and the independence of the Suomi people as its central theme. However, the relatively short 500-year period of Finland was not short of foreign Imperial encroachments and animosity caused by covetousness. It was not a time period protected by human self-constraint, respect for the intrinsic human value, or respect for the Spirit of the Natural Law. There were many external foreign political and carnal brute forces invading from the outside. Human predators sought to exploit soft targets. Imperial super state military invasions by Sweden, Russia, and the Soviet Union, using military force as a license for self-imposed rules and domination, coveting to take over the cultural assets which the locals had invested in and worked towards for over 2000 years. Imperials offered autonomous formality, but progressively worked to sideline the heart of the Suomi culture through the foreign nationalistic Russification process of the local cultural roots of the Suomi people’s national identity and destiny.

Before the King of Sweden started taking an interest in the territory of Finland around 12th Century, Finnish-language speaking people and other indigenous tribes from Lapland’s nomadic Sami peoples regularly visited and lived along the shores of the Bothnia Sea, the central lakes, and Lake Ladoga. During the early language formation years, people living in the areas along the shore of the Gulf of Finland to Karelian Isthmus, North Karelia, shared a culture and a speaking language which eventually evolved into the Suomi language.
Religion came with the messengers, and the reformation started by Luther in the early 16th century reached the people of Sweden and Finland. The Reformation enlightened the people’s minds and gave rise to the Finnish written language development. Mikael Agricola (1510–1557) brought the Reformation to Finland and developed the Finnish speaking language into written text. The New Testament was translated into Finnish in 1548. The entire Bible appeared in the Finnish language in 1642.

The Spirit of Natural Law. The right to life, liberty, and property. The Natural Law protected the spiritually intuitive people in their Natural State before the population explosion on earth. Following Imperialistic slavery and totalitarianism people have joined civil society willingly through consent to accept a social responsibility contract.
History is full of irresponsible leaders of people, fueled by false worldviews and false life philosophies; leaders who have made a grandiose slaughter of humanity during the period of 1900-1953. Globally, the attitudes on the intrinsic value of human life are still uncertain and hold a precarious virtue, an area where the global power politic leaders avoid, deny, suppress and cheat on.

The news of the Russian revolution reached Finland in 1917. The majority of the law-respecting people in Finland were horrified by the Russian revolution’s rebellion, lawlessness, and anarchy—by the spirit of the Nemesis overtaking the rule of law. Because the people were spiritually enlightened by the spirit of grace, they understood the significance of the spirit of the Natural Law, and the meaning of the rule of law. It is a foundational truth for a stable society, a foundational truth in all of the law-respecting societies of the world.

From The Nemesis Book Dedication section.

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“The early pioneer’s many thousands of years ago traveled northwards exploring the unknown, uninhabited Nordic north-land. At the same time, nomadic peoples were living along the waters of the Arctic Sea, on the shores of the Barents and the Norwegian Sea. The indigenous people tribes East and West of Siberia, thousands of years ago, have left cave paintings in Norway, that the modern day scientific dating methods translate the cave painting to be some 8000 years old. The world of the indigenous peoples is very different to the Imperial States colonization. A very long slow history of humanity has been lived out before the industrial revolution, which made way to new concepts to enlighten the human conscience, and how people see themselves and the world that they live in.”

“The state of nature existed for the early inhabitants of the land between the Gulf of Finland and the Bothnian Sea, and along the shore of the Lake Ladoga, freshwater lakes, moss bogs, creeks, and rivers all the way north to the White Sea. Some individual people were more or less in tune with their natural inner rationally thinking spiritual being, living amongst the precious resources of the natural environment and the starlit night skies.”

“We cannot even begin to imagine the interactions that a human spirit—the mind and soul— go through when its life is entirely dependent on the provisions that the natural environment provides. People that lived their lives surrounded by the natural living environment, interacting with the life that was so rich everywhere during the spring, summer and autumn season that is what shaped their spirits and personalities.”

“God-given natural life demonstrated through the natural environment; they were the recipients of that life, and they knew it. It was also hard word at times; shelters had to build for health reasons and protection. Food had to be gathered, fished, and hunted for provision. Wild berries had to forage for nutrition, and water manually carried for household needs.”

From the Nemesis Book.



The Nemesis Book author
Victor Leinonen

Victor Leinonen is a Finnish born author with a diverse background. His family left Finland when he was 9 years young and moved to Australia, where he later became a citizen. He trained at the School of Tourism and Hospitality in Canberra, where he completed his training as a qualified chef. Victor spent over 20 years working in many fine 4 to 5-star hotel restaurants in Australia, as well as Finland and Lapland.

His passion for the peace-loving Nordic people’s traditions, cultural struggles, and victories over the encroachment by the Imperialistic superpowers who came to steal, kill, and destroy. The Imperialists were driven by avaricious carnal greed for riches, for cultural and natural resources as well as territory. What drove the Imperialist superpowers to the offensive?

To conquer land from the ordinary peace-loving indigenous peoples, and other small groups of people, of the land? It was partly the human carnal predatory nature that went on a hunt to increase self-interest, willing to steal, kill and destroy, to get it. It consumed the innocent, the helpless, the frail, the aged and the weak. And they became proud and exuberant from the robbery, spoils, riches and human slaves, gained by the cunning, stealth, violence and indiscriminate war, waged by the human predator. It takes the human civilization back to the Stone Ages.

1939 War Refugees

Victors mother with her mother and three sisters were forced to evacuate their home in Finland Karelia and become war refugees during the Soviet invasion in November 1939. They were fortunate, for far too many were unable to escape. 1700 civilian people were trapped inside the same Suojärvi municipality, by the surprise undeclared war against peace, an invasion by the Soviet Union in November 1939.

Nordic Winters Freeze

Nordic winters are horrible for any prisoners of war, even worse for civilians with small children; many children perished during the prisoners transportation phase. Like many of his generation and the previous two generations, the Bolsheviks totalitarian dictator’s propagated lawlessness, from 1905 to 1953. The totalitarian State Atheism dictator Joseph Stalin continued to leave a mark on many generations including the children of Finnish Karelian families. In total, the effect of the Soviet War against peace in 1939 and 1945, 80,000 Finnish Karelian and Lapland children were sent to foster homes in other Scandinavian countries and Europe.

A Biblical Worldview and a Life Philosophy

Victor Leinonen is a son of a mechanic, and his father was a lumberjack. Victor’s pride for the Spirit of the Natural Law, Biblical Christian values and real justice is evident in his writing and the pursuit to learn and to share the mysteries of a Biblical worldview, and Biblical life philosophy, with the Good News of the Yeshua Hamashiach Gospel.

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War Crimes and Genocide

Unresolved Astrocities of World War 2 According to the Polish Institute of National Remembrance, Soviet occupation between 1939 and 1941 resulted in the death of 150,000 and deportation of 320,000 of Polish citizens, when all who were deemed dangerous to the Soviet regime were subject to Sovietization, forced resettlement, imprisonment in labor camps (the Gulags) …



What are natural rights?
“Natural rights are those that are not dependent on the laws or customs of any particular culture or government, and therefore universal and inalienable.” – Wikipedia.

What Are Legal Rights

“Legal rights are those bestowed onto a person by a given legal system (i.e., rights that can be modified, repealed, and restrained by human laws).” – Wikipedia.

What is Natural law?

“The concept of the Spirit of the Natural Law is related to the derivative concept of the Natural Rights. The spirit of the Natural law first appeared in ancient Greek philosophy and was referred to by Roman philosopher Cicero. It was subsequently alluded to in the Bible and was then developed in the Middle Ages by Catholic philosophers such as Albert the Great and his pupil Thomas Aquinas.”

The State of Nature – John Locke

John Locke reasons that in the beginning humans lived in the State of Nature. State of nature where there were no overlord State or government to impose the law of men onto their subjects. The lawbreaker was dealt with one on one, about who broke the law and how. If confronted by a lawbreaker, or catching a lawbreaker doing violence to an individual, then the lawbreaker was punished directly without a third party.
The same principle is written in the Holy Bible book of Exodus, some 3400 years ago.